What is e-link?

e-link is an electronic waste recycling facility servicing the Tamworth region.

You can deliver your electronic products to the Tamworth Regional Council Forest Road Waste Management Facility or call us and for a small fee we will collect it from your home.


e-link is also a self-funded social enterprise. What this means is that we're a business that creates a bridge to mainstream work for individuals experiencing long term unemployment and other significant disadvantage.

Our participants commence with e-link and gain experience in a real work setting, receive high quality accredited training and personal support.

This combines to address the barriers that may have previously kept the participant out of work. At the end of their placement they are then supported to gain work in mainstream employment.

How our social enterprise works

Individual begins placement @ elink @ e-link they receive:Traineeship, Accredited qualifications, Workplace & work readiness skills, Personal support & mentoring After placement Individual moves into mainstream employment

What is e-waste?

e-waste can come in many forms including computers, photocopiers, televisions and printers. Electronic waste is one of the fastest growing contributors to the Australian waste stream, as more out-dated electrical goods end up in landfill. As e-waste continues to pile up, the negative impacts of e-waste on the environment and humans will rise.

Why is it a problem?

Electrical goods contain harmful materials, which are highly toxic substances and environmentally damaging.

The following harmful materials can be found in everyday e-waste:

What can we recycle?

  • All hand held electronic items
  • Microwave ovens
  • Televisions, VCRs, DVD players, stereos
  • Mobile phones
  • Computers, printers, fax machines
  • Portable kitchen appliances

Some interesting statistics

With electrical goods piling up in landfill or being dumped across the country, electronic waste disposal poses a large problem.

75% of the 3 million computers bought in Australia every year will end up in landfill

SOURCE: ABS Australia's Environment and Trends 2006

e-waste is responsible for 70% of the toxic chemicals found in landfill

SOURCE: GreenPeace

e-waste is being sent to landfill at three times the rate of general waste

SOURCE: GreenPeace

Collecting your e-waste

e-link provides a full e-waste collection and recycling service that will handle your e-waste ethically and responsibly.

Option 1
Drop off at Tamworth Waste Management Facility - Forest Rd
Take your e-waste to the Tamworth Waste Management Facility on Forest Road. We’ll then collect it from there and take it to our recycling centre for processing.
Option 2
Pick Up*
For a small charge you can choose to have your e-waste picked up from your property directly. Please call us for a quote requesting pick-up.
E-link Commercial Fees

What happens once we’ve collected it?

All items are taken directly to our recycling plant and dismantled. Toxic chemicals and materials are removed and all materials that can be recycled are sorted for re-use. Once sorted all of the recyclable materials are separated into their specific streams, they are then sent to recyclers or manufacturers for reprocessing into new products.

Materials that can be recycled from e-waste

Precious Metals

Heavy Metals

Mixed Plastics